Udaybhansinhji Regional Institute of cooperative Management,(URICM),Gandhinagar,Gujarat was established by Reserve bank of India in 1956 at Bhavnagar.During sixties,it was shifted to Vallabh Vidyanagar.After the development of new capital city of the state,it was again shifted to Gandhinagar,in 1979.

                     It is one of the five Regional Institute of Coperative Management in the country, administrated by the NATIOANL COUNCIL FOR CO_OPERATIVE TRAINING,training wing of National Co-operative Union of(NCUI),New-Delhi. The National Council  for Cooperative training,New-Delhi,is funded by the Ministry of Agriculture,Department of Co-operation,Government of India.

                     Our institute caters to the trainign requirements of executives of coperative enterprises and officers and deparment of cooperation and other government departmentsconnected with cooperatives movement in the state. the training programmes cover all the major areas of executives functions and all vital sectors of cooperatives management. 


        The Mission of the Institute is to facilitate in building cadres of professional managers to hold key position in ever growing number of cooperatives in the State through organisation of Management Development programs,Training, Reserach & Consultancy,Seminar, Workshop, Etc.


     - To strengthen and infuse professionalisation in Management of Cooperatives.

     - To Provide opprtunities to officers of Cooperatives Department as well as      institutions of the State to horn their skills through exposure to modern management concepts,methods and techniques.

      -To inculcate a positiveattitudes towards seven Cooperatives Principles and values amongst the participants.

      -to expose the participants to National and other States activities and integrity of cooperative movement.


         - To improve the decision making skills, ability and administrative competence of practicing managers in cooperative sectors.

         - Provide educational facililties for young men and women cooperators, seking career in managment by providing 10 to 15 percent seat in Higher Diploma in Cooperative Management(HDCM)

         - Assist organisation in solving their management problems by providing consultancy services

        -Organise collaborative programmes with other institutions of the State as per their needs and aspirations.


               The institute is catering to the training needs of cooperatives organizations/Institutions to update and sharpen their skill,aptitude and knowledge,thereby helping them to face the global competition with more confidence acumen ship.

             The programs are designed and organised with varying duration keeping in view the need and aspirations of the user organizations. Before finalisation of each and every programme for a particular organization/institute ,the institute try to find out the difficulties faced in the day to day wotking of the organisation and after having a detailed discussion with the concerned personnel and prepare the scheme and syllabus in such a way, through which the personnel who participate in the particular programme can discharge his/her duties very efficiently